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..::Past Life Questions & Answers::..

The topic of reincarnation brings up many questions for most of us. This section will feature questions sent in by our readers, with a subsequent answer from the site author. If you would like to have your Question addressed on this page, kindly E-mail your question for inclusion.


I recently decided to have my head shaved. Why? I don't know. My wife was helping me and she remarked that the top of my head looked strange. On the top of my head is an area about 4" wide that runs from the top of my forehead to the back of my skull. This area is covered with bumps that appear to be muscle and veins are clearly visible. The base of my skull is asymetric, the right side is rough and scarred and the area behind my right ear protrudes.

Recently, I had a dream. In this dream I was dressed in buckskin and wore a robe of animal pelts. I was with a group of men, possibly hunting. Suddenly, the man next to me fell with an arrow in his chest. Then we were attacked from all sides. I felt a sharp pain in the back of my head, then I woke up.

  • Could it be I was a Native American in a previous life?
  • Did I die in an attack by an enemy tribe?
  • Do the abnormalities on my head pertain to wounds sustained in that attack?
  • Was I scalped and carried the mark of that into this life?

- Dan H.


Hello Dan! You demonstrate alot of insight into your own intuitive knowing, memories and physical symbology. I would indeed support your notion that these scars and stirred up memories reflect a past life for you. It is not unusual for people to carry scars of physical uniqueness - inherent bodily traits that mirror past life injuries. Somatic pains and even the development of diseases can reflect past life ones. The description of your skull does certainly sound very much like a scalping injury - how the skull would look if the person was able to heal and recover.

As well, your dream appears to have revealed your death in that particular lifetime,..consistent with your scalp's appearance in this life. I would indeed say you are tapping nicely into a past life experience. It might prove valuable to try to tune into other aspects of this past life. It appears it has deep meaning for this one, when the scar is so distinctly reflected in your very body. Not every one would show a scar. Though many might recall being scalped in a faroff life.

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