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Past Life Crystals and Stones

by June Kaminski, MSN PhD(c)

Since ancient times people have used crystals, stones and gems for various purposes. The ancients attribute many spiritual and mystical properties to gems and stones. Various stones are helpful in aiding past life recall.

Crystals and gems are natural energy conductors, which emanate piezo-electrical energy that can stimulate and balance our own energy. As you prepare to meditate, choose the stones or crystals that draw you, and place some around you. As well, place one or two in the palms of your hands as you meditate. This will facilitate the balancing of your energy and stimulate your past life memories. Fall asleep with these crystals near by to help you remember your past lives in your dreams.

CarnelianCarnelian - this orange-brown semi-precious stone helps us tune into our past life physical bodies. It helps us remember influences that shape our bodies now. It also helps us see how we can use past life information to better our present life.

LapisLapis Lazuli - this deep blue, pyrite-flecked mysterious stone was popular in ancient Egypt. It is a powerful third eye stimulator which opens us up to profound past life visions. It helps us recognize old wounds, blocks and pains and to release these.

AmethystAmethyst - this purple crystal is a profound bridge between the spiritual and the physical. It helps heal us of our inner hurts and inspires us to reach for higher levels. It helps us see the higher purpose of our consecutive lives.

QuartzClear Quartz Crystal - these remarkable stones restore balance within our auras and deeper energy fields. They awaken memories within us and help to harmonize our past lives with our current one. They help us to recognize why past life recall is important and worth the effort it takes.

HematiteHematite - is a gentle helpful gre-silver stone that helps us reach a light state of reverie during our past life recall sessions. It is particularly helpful during hypnosis sessions for recall purposes.

JadeJade - this gorgeous green stone has been used since ancient times to put us in touch with the abundance and beauty of life. In past life recall it can help us to ground ourselves and to see the undeniable threads that weave in and out of all of our lives across time.

Turquoise"Turquoise - sacred to aboriginal people, this light blue stone can help us connect to naturally based lifetimes in ancient tribal settings. Helps us to speak our truth from across the ages.

Crystals, stones and gems are all powerful conductors of earth and light energy. They naturally awaken past life memories within us. They can also unlock memories of their own lives to us. After all, they have existed for millions of years! Stones carry impressions for a long time - impressions that we can intuitively tune into. Use them often to enhance your past life reveries.

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