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Planting A Past Life Garden

by June Kaminski, MSN PhD(c)

GardenNature can be a wonderful stimulus to past life recall. Often, our past lives memories are linked with a particular landscape feature - mountains, oceans and so on. Particular flowers are well known as memory stimulators.

Flowers often remind us of our childhood as well as particular milestones and events throughout our life. Quite often, these same flowers were special to us in past lives as well. Just gazing upon them during meditiation often opens a flood of memories. Why not plant your garden to facilitate your past life memory recollections? You can set up your garden comfortably so you can sit amidst these flowery wonders and meditate to your heart's content.

PoppyPoppy - all poppies are wonderful spiritual stimulators. They help us get in touch with our inner memories in an insightful, humble and intuitive way. Poppies stimulate the "heart" in our past life memories - helping us get in touch with the real internal challenges we have set up for ourselves in this lifetime. They help us to distinguish memories from other lives that impact us still today.

LotusLotus - this flower has symbolized inner awakening since ancient times. It can help us assimulate all of the impressions, memories and feelings we experience during deep past life recall and use them to develop ourselves in this lifetime.

Black-Eyed SusansBlack-Eyed Susans - helps us face the deep inner issues from our past lives that continue to haunt us in this present one. They helps us come to terms with death and dying. Blocks are released easier in the presence of these humble colorful flowers. They help us to tune into our inner strength in both this life and the past lives we remember.

Forget-Me-NotsForget-Me-Nots - are very nostalgic flowers which awaken our karmic memories with the people closest to us in this present life. They help us delve deeply into our subconscious and bring the impressions up into our conscious minds. These delicate tiny flowers awaken whimsical memories of lives spent in rural settings: they were very popular in Victorian and Edwardian times as well, and can trigger memories from lives spent in those eras.

IrisIris - are strong and regal flowers that help us tune into creative talents we have nurtured in our past lives. They rejuvenate and enliven us to embrace the reveries of our ancient lives. Irises symbolize faith, hope, and wisdom and can inspire us to find our special path for this life and to make the most of each day. They also support us in 'fighting the good fight' in our lives; to pursue noble endeavors, and to stay steadfast and true to our dreams, our goals, and our life purpose.

Saint John's WortSaint John's Wort - these healing little yellow flowers help us to dream about our past lives and release the hidden blockages. They Help us to face the issues of death and dying in a philosophical way. They are also very good for lifting depressed spirits, and help us to work through repressed emotions and memories that can help us to cope better in this lifetime.

ThymeThyme - this tiny flower and herb helps us gently fall into past life reveries and remember the significant parts. Thyme symbolizes courage and strength - they can fortify your spirit as you explore any scary parts of your past life memories - and learn to heal from them.

Self HealSelf-Heal - flowers put us in touch with the lessons we need to experience now that originated in our past lives. They help us to heal from past life wounds of all kinds. Self heal is an unassuming plant, yet is very powerful. It can stimulate the energy that circulates through all of your chakras and to help you open up to your Higher Self. They support interdimensional communication, hence can help you to communicate with your various selves in other lives.

TulipTulips - help us to develop past life dream recall. As well, they faciliate healing from past life trauma. Tulips symbolize a declaration of love, which helps us to remember and process past life memories of love, devotion, loss and rediscovery.

MugwortMugwort - These aromatic tiny dainty flowers atop of large lacey leaves help with dream recall, intuitive development and getting in touch with our past life creativity. These plants have been used medicinally for thousands of years by people all over the world, including the Vikings. They will protect you from any danger as you journey during past life recall sessions. They also stimulate prophetic dreams.

All of these flowers are classic past life recall stimulators. As well, be sure to pay close attention to the particular flowers that attract you. When you admire a flower, ask yourself "What is it about this flower that draws me." Listen to your internal answers and pay particular attention to any fleeting memories of the flowers from your past lives. You'll be amazed at how often memories of blossoms, bouquets and flowering plants are present in your past life memories. The sense of smell of fragrance is an ancient one. It's profoundly linked with our capacity to remember and recall. As well, the visual stimulation of flowers often awakens dim memories of the past helping us to get in tune with ourselves in other lives.

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