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Fragrant Aids for Past Life Recall

by June Kaminski, MSN PhD(c)

FragrancePast Life recall requires a "thinning of the veils" - a piercing of our mental shields so we can glimpse memories beyond this current time. Various herbal fragrances and oils can facilitate these memories.

It's a good idea to set up your environment as a sanctuary to delve into your personal past lives. Many different practices and nuances can help to sanctify your living and memory space. Herbal fragrances in incenses and oils are some of the easiest and most effective. Apply a drop or two to your skin before you begin. Or burn a stick of incence. You can also use an aromatherapy burner to fill the air around you with the soothing fragrance.

Lilac Lilac - is one of the best herbs for past life recall. It helps us delve deeply into our subconscious data banks. Place a drop of the essence oil at the base of the skull (medulla oblongata) for best results. This oil stimulates clarivoyance, memory and spiritual reveries.

Myrrh Myrrh - helps you to remember past life experiences that are causing present day blocks. It can help you to recognize these blocks, release and heal from them. Myrrh also stimulates recall in the dream state. Apply some to your wrists right before bed, falling to sleep with your hands close to your nose.

Sage Sage - is a sacred herb that helps you to see your past lives from a wider lens - to see all times at once. It helps you to recognize the overall patterns and purposes that crop up from life to life. It helps you see your own immortality. Sage is a sacred plant to many Indigenous people, hence it also helps to awaken any past life ties you have to Indigenous ways, such as Native American, Canadian First Nations, Australian Aboriginals, and so forth.

Wisteria Wisteria - is another gorgeous purple or white flower that grows like exquisite lace on shapely trees. It is a powerful metaphysical herb that helps you reconnect to the creative gifts you have developed in your past lives and use them now! It connects you to your most ancient of memories.

Lavendar Lavendar - is a powerful flower that helps you to relax, to drift into reverie and even helps you to have a restful sleep. It is a magical herb that connects you to your past lives in the dream state. It helps you to recognize relationships from past lives and resolve any conflicts in your present ones. It puts you in tune with your karma.

Frankincense Frankincense - is an ancient herb that can help you recognize obsessions from the past that may still plague you now. It also helps to open up your inner vision to receive inspiration and messages from the past. Burning the granules can help you relax into a meditative state, plus it clears the air around you.

Orange Orange Blossoms - the essence of orange blossoms put you in tune with past life emotional traumas. It is helpful for dream recall as well. Burn a few drops in an aromatherapy burner in your bedroom right before retiring for the night. It also clears away the 'cobwebs' that interfere with your memory about past lives and things in your present one.

Sandalwood Sandalwood - is an ancient herb, long lauded for it's spiritual properties. It helps to remove blockages and rigidity to facilitate a calm deep meditative state during your past life reveries.

Eucalyptus Eucalyptus - this refreshing herb stimulates third eye vision. Place a drop right in the center of your forehead as you begin to meditate. It protects you from trauma as you recall past life emotional memories.

Hyacinth Hyacinth - is excellent for remembering past life events that affect one's mental health in this lifetime, especially depressive states. It helps us to recall birth memories, and can connect an expectant mother with her unborn child's soul.

Using essential oils, incenses and fragrances during past life meditations is a simple act, yet a profound one. Our sense of smell is amazingly tied to our memories - whether from this life's childhood or the life we lived centuries ago. Utilize this simple practice to appreciatively deepen your past life reveries. You'll find it easier to relax and meditate as well as recall.

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