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Tuning Into Past Life Locations

by June Kaminski, MSN PhD(c)

Quite often, the first clue of the context of a past life is the unexplainable "drawing" feeling one gets when they think of a particular country, city, or specific geological type of place. This country or place could even be one that the person has never actually been to in this lifetime. Yet, the pull is strong and familar.

In your Past Life Journal write down the countries that call to you. Include as much detail as you can. As well, write down the types of natural settings you feel drawn to: deserts, seasides, tropical forest, mountain ranges, and so on. Contemplate for awhile on these preferences, and wait to see if any images or memories are stirred by doing this. Go through the list below that names dozens of major locations. Tune into the list and notice which ones catch your eye or seem to stir a reaction within you. Ask yourself if this reaction is based on current life events or just seems to happen for no apparent reason. If the latter, chances are that there is a past life connection in some way with this part of the world.

Continents and Countries

(Go HERE for info on each area)


Africa   Algeria    Djibouti   Congo D.R.    Egypt    Liberia   Mauretania    Morocco    Somalia  South Africa    Sudan    Tunisia


Argentina    Belize    Bolivia   Brazil    Canada    Chile   Colombia    Costa Rica    Cuba   Ecuador   Guatemala    Honduras   Mexico    Nicaragua    Panama   Paraguay    Peru    Suriname   United States   Uruguay    Venezuela


West Asia

Armenia    Azerbaijan    Bahrain   Comoros    Georgia    Iraq   Israel    Jordan    Kuwait   Lebanon    Oman    Palestine   Qatar    Saudi_Arabia    Syria   Turkey    Tunisia    United Arab Emirates   Yemen

Central Asia

Central Asia    Afghanistan    Kazakhstan   Kyrgyzstan    Tajikistan    Turkmenistan   Uzbekistan

South Asia

Bangladesh    India    Kashmir   Maldives    Nepal    Pakistan   Sri Lanka    Tibet

East Asia

China    Hong Kong    South China Sea   Eastern Turkistan    Japan    North Korea   South Korea    Macau   Mongolia   Philippines    Russian Far East    Siberia   Taiwan

South East Asia

Brunei    Burma (Myanmar)    Cambodia   East Timor    Indonesia    Laos   Malaysia    Philippines    Singapore   Thailand    Vietnam


Albania    Austria    Belgium   Belarus    Bosnia    Bulgaria       Cyprus    Czech Republic    Denmark   Estonia    European Union    Finland   France    Germany    Greece   Hungary    Iceland    Ireland   Italy   Latvia    Lithuania   Luxembourg    Macedonia Moldova  Netherlands    Malta    Norway   Poland    Portugal    Romania   Russia    Scotland    Slovakia   Slovenia    Spain    Sweden   Switzerland    Ukraine    United Kingdom   Wales    Yugoslavia


Australia    New Zealand    Papua NewGuinea

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